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Install theme

How to install a theme and how to make it a default theme.

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Basic settings

Theme is installed, what's next? Change the forum's width.

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Extended customisation

Different configurations of our themes. What changes can we make?

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1. Change the theme options by flicking a switch

To change settings of your theme, by just flicking a switch you need to get to the
Administration -> Configuration -> Current theme options.
From there you can change any settings that you like.

2. What is this whole FTP stuff?

You can use FTP to exchange files between your computer and your server using a FTP client such as FileZilla. To install our themes, you don't need to access FTP.

3. My own rank images, how?

You will need to upload rank images using a FTP to the ./Themes/themeName/images folder. From there go into the administration center and type in the name of the rank image.